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bipolar or adhd with depression?

i was diagnosed with bi-polar disorder but am also ADHD, I am curious, how would you diagnose a patient like me? I could look bi-polar and it really just be my ADHD mimicing the manic part of the disorder. And I have had problems with depression since I was a teen. Any opinions as to what I could be suffering with, ADHD or bi-polar???
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   Bipolar and Adhd both cause a person to be unable to focus on things and potentially have a low frustration tolerance at times but bipolar causes specific mood changes. The two concerns could overlap as to how they effect a person. If you are diagnosed with adhd then you could discuss all this with your psychiatrist. If you have symptoms you believe might be part of adhd then it would be important to call them to the attention of your psychiatrist as they might or might not be. Its important to think if the symptoms you state are adhd are there are all times or come and go with mood changes. If a person is diagnosed with bipolar then depression is a part of it and there are some forms of bipolar where depression is the main aspect and some less so. All of this is complex but the questions are worthwhile but only a psychiatrist could provide specific answers to questions about a diagnosis but you could inform yourself and then explain your specific concerns to them to receive a more informed answer.
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I have both ADHD AND bipolar disorder. They can exist simultaneously, and can feed off of one another.

Find a psychiatrist who accepts that as a medical fact, as not all of them do, and work with them to develop a treatment geared specifically for you.

It IS possible to live with both of them. I also have PTSD- there are many conditions we can suffer from at once. Finding out which is your predominent condition is key, but learning about any comorbid conditions will help you and your Dr to tailor your treatment and help you continue living a life- and not simply existing.

Best wishes.
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If the doctor did a proper interview (at least an hour in length) then he probably feels you fit the diagnostic criteria for both. Is it possible that the ADHD is mimicking mania - possibly but usually manic/hypomanic symptoms last much longer than ADHD moods. I have both. But I deal with the bipolar 2 because that is the main one that causes me issues. The ADD is bothersome but not life threatening.
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could someone tell me the difference between bipolar 1 and bipolar 2?  My husband is in the process of being diagnostic with bipolar and maybe ADHD.  The Dr. is waiting for all the test results to come back but in the mean time he put him on seroquel xr 50mg to see if it help some for the mood swing can anyone tell me how much sleep at the beginning of this drug is normal?  I would also like to know how other spouses handle the mood swing???  I feel like I am walking on egg shells and never know when the bomb is going to go off???
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The difference between bipolar 1 and bipolar 2 is in the severity of manias. The depressions are the same if not a bit worse for bipolar 2.

In bipolar 1 a person has a full manic episode that has most likely landed them in the hospital due to its severity. With bipolar 2 the person has a lot of the symptoms of mania but it isn't severe enough to require hospitalisation. For example a person with bipolar 1 may spend $5000 in a day of shopping and max out their credit card. A person with hypomania may spend $1000. A person with mania may think they are God, or a key figure in society. I knew one person who was convinced that George Bush was coming to visit him so they could solve world peace. A person with hypomania may just have an over-inflated ego and do impulsive things because of it.

I am happy for you that you have found a possible answer to your problems. Bipolar is a hard disease but one where there is a lot of hope in terms of being able to manage it. With proper medication things do get better. A lot will be up to your husband. If you can at all afford it I would suggest getting a therapist such as a social worker or psychologist. Especially when newly diagnosed there are a lot of feelings to manage and they can also help him learn to manage his moods so they are less severe. Meds are about 60% of the equation. The other 40% are taking control through therapy, diet, and exercise. There is a book called Taking Charge of Your Bipolar Disorder by Julie Fast. She also has one called "Loving someone with bipolar disorder". There are several other good books as well.

Good luck, at least now you know what you are dealing with.
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