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bipolar or behavior??

My 13yr old granddaughter has been diagnosed by 2 Drs as being bipolar and ADHD. I don't doubt the ADHD but I do question the bipolar. Why? Because she can and does behave very well in church,at school,visiting other people's homes,going somewhere with other people,out to eat,etc.etc. It's only at home and our house that she can be very disruptive,argumentative,complaining,etc. How can she behave so well "out"  if she's truly bipolar?? Is this normal????
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  Mood changes in bipolar can occur in reaction to certain things such as emotional interactions with specific people such as family. Its best to see what is going on as a symptom not negative behavior. It would be worthwhile to ask her psychiatrist why they diagnosed her with bipolar in addition to adhd. Additionally family therapy and support groups such as NAMI friends and family support groups can be helpful.
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