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bipolar/substance abuse issues

I was prescribed celexa/abilify/ativan-for bipolar/ptsd-i went off them and relapsed w/opiates-
im now detoxing off the opiates w/ suboxone-and am going to go back on my meds-
my question is-has anyone else here been thru this?dual-diagnosis?
did going back on your meds help the depression associated w/ w/d of drugs..
i felt better on my meds but still relapsed while on them-after being clean for 2 yrs-
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This is a tough question.... ILADVOCATE is probably one of the most knowledgable people on this forum... I would PM him directly to ask.... maybe the meds you are taking are not at the right level?  Maybe not the right combo?  Definitely get the pdoc heavily involved in this.....
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First of all is your psychiatrist aware of your addiction and the fact that you are currently going through withdrawal?

The meds you have been given should help with your bipolar but you may not see the difference because of the withdrawal effects from the opiates.  I would hope that the psychiatrist can supervise both your withdrawal and your BP.

I don't know anything about coming off opiates or how suboxone works to alleviate the symptoms.  You could ask on the addiction forum about the withdrawal as a separate issue.  

How long will you have to be on the suboxone for?  If it is for a long period then you definitely need to discuss with your Psych.

All the best with coming off your opiates.  You've made the right choice :-)
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Dual diagnosis is pretty common with BP folks. Many of us self-medicate because of your pain and mood swings. It's fantastic you are getting clean.

I am a food binger, which  spawned from Bulemia, as a way to control my feelings. Regardless of the secondary addiction, once you get on the right track and address the addiction, you will find it easier to treat the BP, much easier.  I also used codeine for many years firstly as a pain med for a back injury, then as a way to deal with my high anxiety, that's a hard one for me, because it's easily acesssible in Canada, and not considered a hard drug addiction,  there is no where to get help getting off this drug. I've weaned myself off codeine, and only use it when I'm in a serious amount of pain for my back. It's only been since I've been on the correct BP meds, that I've been able to stop the codeine.

I hope this makes sense, and know you aren't alone, keep fighting the good fight, you will get off the opiates!
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noone knows i relapsed-im taking sub short term to get off the opiates/ill be done w/ the sub tommorow-Im going back on my meds-and deal w/ my bipolar
I am also a food binger-and gained 40lbs-lost the weight and regained 25 lbs-after an arguement w/ my sig. other-i ate way too much last night.I also have a eating disorder.
Lots of fun-????basically-im not doing too well right now-
My relapse came after a manic episode-i was very thin-but still felt terrible.
Im very tired and ill-i need to get some space from my home situation-and have been thinking about long term treatment.
I really appreciate the responses/im so alone.
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I found it difficult to get control of my BP with home drama.
Currently my LTR requires I keep my own place.  When I'm up, she can have peace in her home.  I cope well with the shift in energy, and yet still spend half the year at her house.

I agree with all said about self-medicating.  I still do.  I could not stay consistent with the prescription meds, as I drink.  Have learned to do without...

Wish you well, and glad you have this forum to chat with...

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It's really improtant that you stay on the BP meds, and if you are still having any issues wth the addictions there are different programs that can help, as well as the in hosptal situation as well.

Georgia, have you thought about detoxing? What you are doing is self-harm, many think it's a slow form of dying. Do you really want to go down that path? Sometimes it takes a few goes at getting the right me, it's happened to me, but I know it can and will help. Think about it. Find a place to detox off alcohol, it will ease your symptoms up believe it or not.

Both of you please keep talking,
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wrong opinion.  Healthy here,
left has missed the point.
Each of us is affected by the prescription chemicals.  It may be differently.  I live long periods (months) without stimulants (consider Alcohol a stimulant).  Do months without coffee cause I'm not interested.

Hope you are all doing better,
I'm working on sleeping past 4am......

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please dont feel alone anymore, the support here is great and usually there is someone online to help with anything that comes up. glad to hear you're getting off the opiates, i believe it is a tough one to do. also good to hear you're sorting out bp meds. this disease affects so many of us in so many different ways. i'll reiterate, please do not feel alone. is you pdoc good? or tdoc or doc? lots of support here either way. take care.

well done georgia for kicking the alcohol. such a temptation to self medicate with it! hope your sleep gets better. do meds help at all? my pdoc recommends five days on a sleep aid getting regular hours, five days off and then five on again and he reckons that should work. unfortunately each time i've tried it some crisis pops up and the need for medicated sleep is more important than regularity!
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im bp not on no bp meds at this time..was in the i.c.u.from lithem toxicity 3..also withdrawing 5 mgs of the methadone...9 days ago..its very hard to do...but the meds ur on will help mostly the atavains....you will be ok!!!!!!!!!  james
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Thanks so much for your responses-it helps me sort things out-
im hanging in there-making an appt w/ my pdoc today..
w/ds are tough mentally/physically-but i want to get thru this-and enjoy life again.
ive done it before ill do it again..
thank you guys..
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Speaking from experience, I too believe alcohol is a slow death but you know sometimes when you're feeling really crappy that's excactly what you want!
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