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desision making impact?

I'm being treated for Bipolar.  Just upped the Cymbalta to 90mg, on Lamictal and adderal.  Just broke up with a boyfriend and have hibernated for three days.  Have to work tomorrow.
My question: has your bipolar made an impact on your ability to make good decisions?  Are you impulsive?
And, does anyone know if opana er contributes to symptoms?  I have fibromyalgia and arthritis.  Thanks for anything.
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I have had tremendous difficulty making decisions.  Especially since I started taking meds.  I have decided, undecided, started, not started school so many times I'm annoyed with myself let alone my poor wife.
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Absolutely bipolar has an impact on thought and behaviours, and also perceptions. Mania often causes impulsivity.
Yes, I have been delusional, and made really bad decisions, and wanted to kill myself after because I was so ashamed. To lose control of ones own mind is a frightening thing, but this is what I experience. Now that I am on meds, it does not happen often, and I am learning ways to get thru these times without causing damage.
Dont know anything about fibro or arthritis.
:)  Darlene
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  Yes bipolar has impacted on my ability to make decisions and be impulsive and this is not uncommon. If anything happens that causes me to have to make a sudden change in medication under the supervision of my psychiatrist I usually give myself some time and space and make sure I am prepared for anything I will need to do. The medication you are talking about can sometimes have psychiatric side effects but you could find out more by going to the medication website and/or PDR (Physician's Desk Reference) and then discussing the specifics with your psychiatrist.
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