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do i have bipolar

Im really moody get mad very fast over nothing and idk y
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There's a lot more to bipolar disorder.  Bipolar disorder is not an anger problem.  I would speak with a therapist about it so you can get to the root cause of your anger problems.
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Everyone has their moody moments where you are happy one minute and outraged with anger the next, it's perfectly normal. As thatquietgirl said, there's much more to bipolar than just getting mad. I am a Psychology major and just remember that bipolar is just depression with manic episodes on the other pole. "Bi" = two (depression and manic), this is also why bipolar disorder is called manic depression... Now if you are feeling this depression where you feel hopeless then feel completely outraged and feel mad and not in control of your body, I would see a counselor, therapist, etc. Good luck to you!
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Talk to your Doc/Psych. Only qualified medics. can give diagnosis. Lots of people get mood swings/fast acting etc ~ so you're probably OK. If concerned ask for help. Good Luck
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