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equivalence of doses among antipsychotics

I have long been questioning why am i taking so much seroquel (150mg) and only 1mg apexidone (egyptian brand for risperidone) which made me try to reduce the first by all means but in vain, until i discovered that my 1mg of the 2nd equals 100 of the 1st. So by taking 150mg seroquel i am in fact taking 1.5mg of risperidone only. I was trying hard to reduce my seroquel by 50mg meaning trying to reduce my apexidone by 0.5mg which is nonsense. I surfed the web until i found this link which states the therapeutic doses between different AP's. I thought you may be interested to know it
Here it is

FGA: 1st generation antipsychotics
SGA: 2nd         ""            ""  

be well
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Yes thanks for the information. I did remember having that question myself a while back.
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I didn't understand how to read it, like what did the DDD stand for?  I may of missed something.
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perhaps drug daily dose
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or better "defined daily dose" OR "daily defined dose". this is only what i could gather. You can look it up in google
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I red the dosis equivalent chart for Seroquel with risperidone
and 225 mg Seroquel is 4,5 mg risperidone......
But than 1 mg risperidone is 50 mg Seroquel....
225/4,5 makes 50
Why the various people here say that 1 mg risperidone makes 100 mg Seroquel.....??
I think I am wrong because various people said so but
Sorry for the English....I m Dutch
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there are other sites which mention the maximum dose of both. max for risperidone is 9 while for seroquel is 900. also based on DDD it's 80.

when you say equivalence it isn't the drug content but the potency as far the need for the drug. seroquel brochure says 900 don't exceed it while risperidone 9. you see it's a homework i did i am not a pdoc to judge my conclusion but i tried to work out the ratio. for example right now i am taking 1mg risperidone and 100 seroquel
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but the potency relation is also about 50.....1,3 for Seroquel and 66 for risperidone makes 50 (66/1,3)
I think you are right and the other ones but I don't know if it is related to maximum dosis...like 9 and 900...?
it looks like the other ones made a calculation in the chart but strange that I cant see how...
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This is interesting, as I've been considering going back on Seroquel in addition to my Lamictal.

Many years ago I was on Trilafon (in addition to Depakote) which is 13.8 times "stronger" than Seroquel, but I don't remember the dosage. Also as far as I know, Trilafon isn't prescribed for depression. I was on it for agitation.

But Seroquel can be used for depression, mania, and/or schizophrenia, and the chart I've seen for typical daily or "up to" dose is:

depression 300 mg
mania or schizophrenia 800 mg

My question would be is whether the potency chart you linked to is only for psychotic/delusional symptoms or also for depression, as some are also used for depression, Seroquel and Ability, for example. May I ask the reason you take the Seroquel?

Also, who here takes the Seroquel specifically for depression and what there dose is?
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I was driven manic by an AD and landed smoothly by seroquel. That was 3 years ago. So I kept the seroquel and since it's good for depression I wasn't in need for an AD. Also since no AD then no mania. So I am almost stable on seroquel.

As for the equivalence I was interested to know how much it's equal to risperidone because I was on the latter for 6 years 1mg. By taking seroquel I was sad as I augmented my drugs due to my 1st mania. But then my sadness disappeared after knowing that my 100mg extra of seroquel is equivalent to just an additional 1mg of risperidone. The reason was that I read about the kindling effect therefore I am subjected to it because after each new episode psychiatry tells you you up your dose. But the additional dose wasn't huge i.e. I only have to make sure that I don't get manic again (keep my fingers crossed). Anyway I chatted with an astra zenica doctor (comp which produces the seroquel. She is a psychopharmacologist who sent me this following chart upon which I also based my conclusion

prescribed daily dose:
seroquel 400mg/day
olanzapine (zyprexa) 10mg/day
risperidone 5mg/day
this makes 1mg risperidone = 80mg seroquel . But AGAIN she also sent another chart for therapeutic equivalence dose:
seroquel 600mg/day
olanzapine 20mg/day
risperidone 6mg/day
this makes 1mg risperidone=100 seroquel. The above chart is right because I know well that olanzapine dose is 5-20mg so 20 is max therapeutic dose. Also for seroquel max is 600 (and never exceed 900). Which also means don't exceed 6 for risperidione.

So i concluded that my dose can be considered either 2mg of risperidone or 200mg seroquel so in fact it isn't huge i suppose.

Hope i was clear this time. But as far as dose for depression etc.. I once read 50 for night sleep, 150 for depression and 400 for mania

After all nobody is sure of anything it isn't like the metric system versus the pound inch system. NONE of this. Medicine is all trial and ERROR

have a good day  
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So it sounds like 150 to 300 is the therapeutic range for depression.

I'm on 400 mg Lamictal and have an old script for up to 100 mg a day of Seroquel as need for sleep. I almost have never used it in 2.5 years. Like I said it's an old script and I don't know if they expire. There are 5 refills.

Lately I've been depressed in an angry, with no loss of energy sort of way, which is really just one hop away from a mixed state, which are the worst thing. So I'm starting the 100 mg Seroquel nightly regularly.

I just don't want to have a flattened affect (or feel foggy in the day which I do). Although I still bounce out of bed in the morning on it. So I'm considering getting a script of Geodon instead, which is more weight neutral and less sedating.

My sister has good luck with it, in addition to her valium and Tegretol.

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