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erectile dysfuction

I have bipolar disorder and have been taking 400mg of Tegretol and 900mg of Lithium daily
for 17yrs.  I have noticed problems with erections 7yrs. ago.  Now I have to take Viagra
in order to get some type erection..  Is this dysfunction due to the meds I am taking? I dont
drink alcohol any more, I stopped 7 yrs. ago.

thanks much,

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Its possible i guess but i believe it happens faster than that, like months rather than 10 years or so but i am not a doctor. I would ask and discuss it with your doctor if its bothering you.

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I haven't taken any of the meds you're on, but I did have ED problems when I took Zoloft.  It was either the Zoloft or the Atenolol for blood pressure.  At any rate they gave me Levitra and I haven't been troubled by it since. I noticed the problem almost as soon as they started me on Zoloft.  I'm not on Zoloft anymore but it isn't because of the ED.  The levitra worked well for me.
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