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headache, insomnia during withdrawl from cymbalta and abilify

Sister having horrible reactions during withdrawl from cymbalta and abilify.  What can she do to help herself?  She w as taken off both on Wednesday and put on prozac.  Can she use tylenol for the headache?  Someone told her it is not safe to do.  Another person suggested melatonin.  Is that safe?  She is bi polar and has gained over 100 lbs on these meds over the last 6 years.  This is ridiculous!  Will she gain on prozac also?  What is wrong with these psychiatrists, anyway?  It makes me sooooo angry!
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It is safe to take tylenol and other head ache meds while coming off Cymbalta and Abilify. Yes, it is difficult that most psychiatric medications cause weight gain. It isn't the psychiatrist's fault. There just aren't many options available that don't cause weight problems. The only thing you can do is diet and exercise while taking the medications. I gained over the years I have been on psychotrophic drugs and now I am getting it under control. I started weight watchers and going to the Y.

I believe you sister (or maybe it was you) posted in the depression forum with the same issue, coming off Cymbalta and Ability at the same time. You should read some of those responses.
5377229 tn?1367102940
ty for your response.  It was me that put the posts up; sister has no computer and lives 50 mi. from me. I don't know how to find the other place where I posted...can u tell me how to find those responses? ty for your caring.
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