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is there any one has cured from mania

my sister stil now passing 6 years has this disorder we done all we culd and use all kind of mania medication iam now hoples i see all doctor the pepole say to me i go direct  all pepole feling a litel better  but she stil not i thing maybe some magiq
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Were you trying to say magic?   It is either magic or miracles but the delivery system in which she receives help will be in the form of one of those two.  I am not sure why you have taken on such responsibility with your sister but I can tell you from my experience that trying to find a cure for bipolar is not going to aid you in this.  It is either nature vs nurture in the onset of the disorder and it is a cycle that must go until it ends.  I have seen those with bipolar who have been able to stay on their medicine and become employable- able people but it takes a foundation of stability to do that.  I feel for anyone having to struggle with this and also faily members like yourself who may feel like they should just give up hope but we often quit in life right before or right when it is necessary to be our best.
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