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late night eating

Has anyone ever heard of a link between bipolar II and waking every night and eating?  My brother wakes and eats sweets every night and has done so for many years.  He was told there is a link to bipolar II with this behavior.  Thanks, Debbie
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I do the exact same thing... i eat and eat at night, so possibly.
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I have a sleeping disorder and I would do nocturnal eating, are you aware of what you do, or you find the evidence in the morning?  I suggest eating a carb like toast or cereal or some fruit, which should bring up your sugar levels to ease the cravings instead of going for the sweets, it's damn hard. I find in general hard to avoid sweets, I was a serious pop addict and now drinking a ton of calorie free flavoured water, it's worked really well!
Do you have disordered eating like binging/bulemia or that sort of thing? I would definitely speak to your pdoc about your cravings, some meds really do that,
much luck Jane
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