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thanks alot for your kindly replay actully iam from iran iam living in an island wery fare from capital city  but more unfortuntly my english not wery well pl fogive me if i write some word wrong let start my woll sister is story 5 years ago she start this mania spotoms we took her to doctor the doctor gave her olanzapin  and clonazpam no usful after 3 month he chang tablet to quitiapin  and lithium threr was a lot of sade effect no sleep no eating this time doctor  gave here 12 time elctric shock ok a littel her sleep is better an littel calm but now she start anothr probelem she talking  and loghing to heslf   the  list of tablet she used until now thorazin - trifen -waprat asid -ariprozol -halipridol -trifloprazin -  and a lot maybe some of them i not remember latter i will say to u my fraind one time a doctor gave her ziprasydoon he told us its wery good to reat mania without any said effect but we do not find it in iran it is capsuls maidin germanyi if any frinde can send for me iam redy to pay for here with a lot of my thanks  ok after long time 4month ago we agin chang her doctor this new gave her depakin 500 he told its deferint waprat asid its better and also trifloprazin 2 and trifen 2 this thery at night and half depakin at noon becouse she all ower night no sleeping  she walking talking to hersef maybe alittel wching tv some time writing some sentens wery repeedly like ilove you  - i will see u -she full one page only same sentense we aske why u repeed a lot same word  some time no answer and some time say iam practcing baythway dear bubul if iam give her 3 time depakin 500 is not be ower dosge becous her boudy is wery weak she wight maybe 37kg  and her ag is 22  after she fineshed her high school she went to visit some my reltive in  dubai i think she feel inlove  with a boy there and after one month that boy marry another girl we asked him but thay told in dubai fobiden for us to marriage  iran girle  and fro that days i think she start thinking about that an stiil no forget some time repeat name of that boy  some doctor told me if she marriage maybe she fell better but how marriage with an ill girl ok she is wery fire  aducated  but stil we can not stop her mania ok dear i am wery sorry i diturb u alot pl  my email ***@****
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I am sorry it took so long to reply to your post.  I have been away for Thanksgiving to spend time with my family.
Please do not give her any extra Depakote other than what she has been prescribed.  The doctor will make the choice to go up on that medicine and likely will but it takes time.
When was your sister diagnosed with bipolar mania?  When can you recall first seeing your sister go through mania symptoms?
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dear bubulous thanks for your suport and advice u make me again helpful to cuntinu in my curring sister ok  my sister start this disorder 5 years ago firste thay diagnosed wrong but latter we saw alot of mania symptoms  and doctors try a lot og drugs but unfortuntly ther was a lot said effect  thay gave her ectric shock 12 time also this was not for her usfule some pepole advising me to go to capital and give here more shock and higher woltag thay told me if u whit long time here disorder remain for ever and  maybe her maind cel start daing pl help me how must i ask  i am wery afraid becouse long time passing and stil no any good news my email ***@****
Did the mania seem to become onset after her trip to Dubai.  I myself have had mania brought on because of love and loss.  I had actuallt lived for a long time without having a breakthrough of mania until it was triggered when my wife left e for another man.
I don't know if waiting a long time would cause her mania to last forever although it she will be bipolar for the rest of hersomeone ho could possibly keep up with her.Finding the right medication can also prove to be veru difficult.
They have tried some pretty good combinations of medicine so far.It may just be that she is either treatment resistant  or she has not found the right edicine yet.
The big question is...
How does your sister feel about what is going on?  If she is enjoying the way she feels and she is strong minded enough then she could keep it going like that for a long time.
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