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what meidcation combonations seem to be working for you and what dose!
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Everyone is different in specifics of medications. Generally the most used mood stabilizers are Lithium, Depakoate and Lamictal. I found Lamictal to be the most tolerable as have some other people. There are websites listed on the links page such as "Depression Central" that talk about medications and their specifics that are very informative. Dosages vary depending on the person. I know some people take antipsychotics as mood stabilizers and Abilify is the one with the least side effects although perhaps not the best mood stabilizer. I've been through almost all the known mood stabilizers and the one I take now Clonidine is good but little used for a reason because of the side effect profile. The antipsychotic agent I take glycine is still in Phase II FDA study. But some of my general experience with medication is the same as other people's and although Lithium was the most effective mood stabilizer Lamictal was the most tolerable and more importantly the one that controlled rapid cycling the most.
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