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meeting female freinds with bipolar

Bi polar leeves me lonely and isolated and i also have conversation difficulties too because of bp.
I would like to find a girl freind with similar difficulties so we can understand one another and support each other,hope somebody is out there
luv mark
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welcome to my world, sooooo bipolar recently. feel like my whole world's coming crashing down. it happened recently too. end of last year, shining start at my company, feeling at the top of the world, dating, having fun, excercising. then, i don't know what happened, all of a sudden something changes and i'm diagnosed with bipolar and since then it's one prescription after the other.
These days i must be going through some kind of manic irritable phase because i've been sending nastygrams to my parents. It's tough making friends let alone maintaining friends with our condition so i hear ya there. also, making 'normal' people understand why we feel the way we do at times is hard because on surface we appear completely 'normal' too.
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It is very tough to keep and make friends as it is, let alone with all the bipolar problems on top of it. The extra paranoia, irritability, depression, etc. I used to have a friend who also had bipolar. I thought it was really great she was only a year younger than me, too. Then one day she moved away to another state. After a couple of months of not hearing from her she called the phone of a mutual friend at the time. I talked to her for about 30 seconds then she said, "Could you get off the phone, I didn't call to talk to you." :(

I don't know what I did. She was the first, though. After that within a couple of weeks none of my "friends" would talk to me anymore. But, I say good ridance to all of them, because after a time I looked back to see none of them were actually my friends.

These days, I keep people at a distance. I have a very small number of people that I trust and talk to. Mostly my husband only.
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I'm not female but I related to you there, I am pretty socially awkward myself and have psychological issues with it as well so I am screwed in the picking up women department.
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this is totaly me as well I was awquard for years.....
I lost a few close friends people who had told me they loved me
or that could have evolved into a potentialy solid friendships,
still there are countless others who I didn't know personaly
but felt the desire to and then got rejected (more than likely it all had to do with the BP)

I have two people that I could consider to be close friends right now
one is my best friend Dan who I have had many conversations about the bipolar in the past.
Truth be told he is just as shy as me and feels socialy awquard as well.
(although he doesn't suffer from BP he only has ADD)
The two of us have had many discussions about being in a room or crowd full
of people simply watching all of them dominate the conversation, yet feelig unable to keep up with the pace or come up with anything decent to say.

my other friend Erin is a paranoid physcophrenic
shes shy but we really could relate about not having friends and feeling rejected
when no one calls or stops by to talk to you....

I'd like to think the worst is over.......nowdays I work really hard not to rub anyone the wrong way
things still get to me from time to time
but for the most part conversations, between friends and strangers have become
more fluid.

My advice to you, if you want to make friends is 2 things

Firstly if you want to make more friends I
would join a support group Its the easiest way to reach
out to others with the same problems and experiences that you have
I rember joining one and now I feel that in the least there is someone I can speak to
if (god forbid) I start going through a really rough patch.

Secondly, believe in yourself. Don't ever tell yourself you are undeserving of
self confidence....When you get nervous and have doubts it will only make you appear more awquare than you already feel you are at this point. Why disallow this when the only thing your blocking out is the ability to love yourself

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Another thing to consider is that it doesn't matter if your friends have bipolar or not. The important thing is they accept you for who you are, people who can't aren't worth your time. It is hard to find.

Also, people with bipolar are very volitile and sometimes have more than just bipolar going on, so two bipolar people can be both good and bad together. It will still depend on the person and if you can be friends, not just because they share a common illness with you. So, just be open to making friends regardless of diagnosis. I think that even with bipolar another person with bipolar does not experience it exactly like you do, so it doesn't necessarily mean they will understand more or less.
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