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neurologist/psy. Dr./

My Neuro Dr. is upset with my Psy. Dr., the Neuro. Dr wants me to see the Psy. Dr.
about my meds. The Neuro. says I need to be checked for my withdrawls symptoms. I
am having the roaring in my ears at times & mood swings with my Depression where
I am withdrawing from the Depakote. The Neouro didn't realize what that would do to
my being Bipolar & the increased shaking also. So the Neuro said to immediately go
to the psych. The Neuro called the other Dr to get me right in & they said they can't
get me in till Dec. 4th. So, I am aggrivated with the entire thing. The neuro is going to
pull strings tomorrow she said.  I just want the symptoms to stop. I am tired of the
shaking most of all. I  am at the point where I can't even do the most general things
without physical help. Then to top it off I go to the surgeon tomorrow to get my incision
cut further about 2 inches! So, additional pain & then the shaking that won't end...I
just wanted to vent...thanks! Tres
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The two providers must be in touch with each other and make their decisions together. If someone has a variety of doctors including a psychiatrist they all have know what the other doctors are prescribing. A case manager might be able to coordinate this best. That is one suggestion. But in the meantime the neurologist and the psychiatrist should not be at odds as regards your medication. Just as I say people should partner on recovery with providers, if someone is respecting the decisions of providers, they must work together as well. If there are serious concerns and their inability to work together has caused some form of harm then you could file a complaint. I could explain how. But give them the benefit of the doubt. Ask them to speak to each other to work together. A simple HYPAA release form completed by you and they are officially allowed to speak with each other and should. Keep us updated.
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case mgr? pls. explain further? It isn't where they could take away my rights is it?
The HYPPA form I understand & my Psych. asked me to sign one the previous yr.
I'll see if it is still in effect, great idea! Thanks!
The Neuro. & the Psych. seemed unaware of each other even though they both know/
knew of each other. I think it was/is just a matter of who & what & where...
Pls, & thanks! Tres
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A case manager could coordinate the services between various providers. I would think by now a new HYPAA form would need to be signed. One thing I would suggest for more information and to know your rights is contact your local independent living center. They advocate for people with disabilities. This is a link to the ones in Oklahoma. They are not connected with treatment providers but they are not anti-treatment. They could give you an idea on where best to call. This is a link to the ones in Oklahoma:
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Thank you for the link, I'll ck. it out right away! On a side note, I was wanting to email you 'cause you understand the shaking pblm's..a friend told me today that her Son told her I was a crack addict 'cause I shake so badly. I just wanted to dissolve in tears. Why don't people think before saying hurtful things? I guess I need to hear someone give me hope that this is recoverable? Thx for everything! T rees
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Well I would certainly hope that you recover as well. But there is the other aspect, that for myself, I have to live with my disability. I accept it. If people treat me in a manner that is ignorant or hateful, the first thing I do is explain to them about my disability and why they shouldn't be this way and what it means to have a disability. The second thing is if its on a societal level as long as I respect the law and society I don't think of it as "stigma" to me its discrimination and I've filed complaints within the system in a variety of businesses and gotten positive results. I'll tell you what and I do feel comfortable posting it here. When you see your friend's son just tell them "I am a person with a physical disability". And to accept it. And respect it. Remember the disability community is "us". Many people's "conditions" are disabilities and everyone at some point in aging will acquire a disability so its a common experience. And "ignorance" means literally a lack of knowledge. That can be changed. Speak in a polite but firm manner to your friend's son. Or anyone else. And change their perceptions. I do. I would hope you recover physically. I might or might not. But I've recovered my sense of self respect and I make sure that other people understand that in a positive and constructive manner. It always works. I'll give you more information about disability education and advocacy if you want to contact me.
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