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not sure what is wrong with me?

I am 39 yr old single woman. I have a full time job that i have been at for 18 yrs. I have 21 yr old daughter and a 3 yr old grandson i adore more then anything.  I like to think my life is great. But something is wrong because i want to cry all the time. I can be driving down the road and i will start to feel sad. I feel overwhelmed at times too. This week i stayed in bed two days straight with out eating or drinking. I didn't want to think about things so i turned off my phone and i tried to keep sleeping. I missed two days of work because of feeling like this. This isn't the first time i have done this. I always tell my self it will pass and it does. But it always comes back too. My family, friends and work noticed this week what i had done and they are worried about me. I don't know what is wrong with me and i don't know what to tell them.
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I would say a good place to start is here on this site. They have good information about things like major depressive disorder. None of us here are doctors and can only tell you what we know from our own experiance. What you are describing sounds like depression. There are some symptoms of depression that a doctor would look at to determine if that is what is happening for you. As for bipolar, there are also symptoms of mania which is an excelerated state.

The thing with depression is that it is not based on the reality of your life. You can have a great life and still be depressed. That's because depression is an illness and not imaginary. The illness is caused by the misfiring of the nervous system, causing a biochemical imbalance in your body. Depression and bipolar disorder are very real illnesses even though they appear to be "in your head" they are not.

I would say look at the site here and maybe take a "self-quiz" on depression and bipolar, print the results and take them to your doctor. A psychologist or therapist can help you with talk therapy, but for best treatment with  medication, a psychiatrist is the person you want to talk to.

I hope that helps. :)
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Just from what you've said you sound very depressed. PLEASE see a doctor or someone who could help you. But if you have EVER had any signs of mania (racing thoughts, hyperactive, wild behaviour (not just from alcohol!!) you need to add that to the mix. Too often women get diagnosed with depression when they are bipolar. Make sure you give your doctors the whole picture, because anti-depressants alone won't fix a cycling mood (which is a little bit what yours sounds like) but yeah, def. get a professionals opinion soon!! Go well.
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