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psychotic breakdown

My daughter has been severly depressed such as crying in school,anytime she is awake ect. She has gone thru alot of things in her life but have almost put her in a catotic stage. I have suggested she go and talk to a professional and possibly get on med. for depression. She is 20 years old and in college. Today she told me she felt like she was having a psychotic breakdown.What is this kind of breakdown?
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i am not a professional but i have a particular interest in the subject matter. To me it sounds like Post Traumatic Stress Disorder ...u mentioned she went through obsticals in life i too was in her position go to your family doctor (if she is willing try to talk to her it is so beneficial) and ask to be refered to a psychiatrist take up an activity with your daughter go for a walk once a week she might just need someone to talk to she is in college which for many is stress enough on its own... another thing it may or may not be a contributing factor but drug/alcohol abuse can also cause these symptoms. if you can get to a psychiatrist or again even your family doctor he/she can make a proper diagnosis for your daughter.

i hope this helped you somehow my thoughts r with you and your daughter

oh yea and do some research there are alot of other things out there that are calming such as aroma theropy, diets (not the loose weight in a week diets there are actually foods that affect the neurologic response to every-day situations that can cause or prevent depression) biomusicology dnt look that up theres not too much out there on it but basically calming music or meditation i know it sounds silly but these things do work and are out there because they work hmmmm..... ....... oh and another practice i do personally to keep posative (i too suffer from depression it was really bad but im keeping it under control and i have improved tremendously) before you go to bed (do this yourself aswell) think of ten good things that happend throughout your day anything at all any good things the sun was shining, you seen cute puppy, you got to work on time, your alive, you have a family that loves you, a beautiful daughter, who graduated highschool, got into college, you got a reply to your question, someone out there is sending their thoughts and hoping things work out for you and your daughter, you get the idea so do it everyday before you go to bed and try and name 10 different things everynight make it your little challenge posativity is depressions enemy your daughter sounds overwelmed have a girls night and talk about all these things make her a home dinner she'll appreciate it :) i wish you the best
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sry for such a long reply i forgot to also mention DONT sweep it under the carpet deal with the situation asap what i told u wont make it go away it will help heal and aid you and your daughters wellness as you deal with what she is going through. i know you asked for your daughter but things like this are never good on a  mother so u take care of yourself too
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Please describe what she's doing that might make you/her think she is having a pscyhotic breakdown.  Is she seeing things in a un-realistic view?  Paranoid?  Imagining things trying to get her?  Making irrational decisions?  Talking at a fast and not making any sense?  Catatonic?  Sleeping for extended periods of time?   MOST IMPORTANTLY, is she talking about dying?  ANY KIND of talking about death?  Looking at old pictures, giving away items, talk of being a burden?  

A psychotic breakdown is horrifying.  Please take her seriously (like I know you are since you are asking).  If she doesn't have a psychiatrist to contact, take her to an Emergency Room.  

Feel free to ask questions.  
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