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can anyone tell me there experience with seroquel
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I have found Seraquel to be very beneficial although I don't know how. I sleep if I have it before 6 pm which helps my BP that suffers from insomnia. But aside from that I only know that something is working. The last few months would have been very difficult as I lost my mum-in-law whom I was very close to and my sister went away as an aid worker overseas for 6 months. Not very helpful sorry but I don't have any side effects.
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I use XR, if that makes a difference. I don't like it. I think it made everything worse. I'm only mentioning the things that are listed as a side effect and started happening sometime after or during March, which is when I started taking it.
1. Since I started taking it, I've gotten MORE emotionally sensitive and unpredictable, sometimes even yelling at someone for little things, or bursting into tears for no reason--and it happens all the time, so it's definitely not PMS.
2. I don't eat nearly as much--it's not uncommon for me to skip 2 meals and still not feel like eating--my stomach will growl and I know I need to eat, but I don't want to. I've had to force myself to eat, and sometimes I barely have the strength to pop a TV dinner in the microwave to eat.
3. I've been getting mouth sores a lot more than I did before. This is a side effect of taking the medication. I don't get them nearly as much now, but at one point I had a blister on my tongue, and two blisters in my gums, one of which was on the fold of skin in the middle of my lower gums.
4. I get a lot more lightheaded when standing than I did before--I sometimes even feel myself blacking out. However, that could be because I don't eat very much.
5. I didn't get a period from early March to last Thursday, which only lasted about a day and was very light. I'm definitely not pregnant, so this worried me.

It's not for everyone, so monitor yourself carefully if you take it--it took me quite awhile to put the pieces together.
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I was on seroquel for a while when I was in high school, and the only real problem I had was not being able to stay awake during class. It really kept me sedated, and I wasn't a huge fan of that because I'm an active person. Other than that, I didn't have any out of the ordinary side effects, or complications.
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I was just going to ask this question haha! I'm starting it tomorrow. I'm not too happy about it, it sounds awful because of the reviews I've read :( but hopefully it works out. I absolutely will not stand for feeling like a zombie though, I straight up told my psych I did not want to feel dull or zombie-like.
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Short and sweet. Seroquel did wonders for me. But it "caused" me to gain 100 pounds during the duration of me being on it for 3 years. It really kept my Bi-polar symptoms under control with only mild need for other medications during SEVERE Manic episodes.

Downfall...... I am now getting off  the medication. Withdrawal symptoms are like a horrible hangover, nausea, fatigue and "tummy troubles"

Ask me questions. I will answer
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Seroquel was beneficial in terms of sleeping, but it got to the point where it knocked me out for hours almost into the next day, and it zombified me where I couldnt function and was sedated all day. Its a very very powerful drug and erased all of my mental and physical energy.
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I also gained a lot of weight and couldnt stop eating. It sank me into an even deeper depression.
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