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side affects of seroquel xr

I have been taking Seroquel xr 150 mg for about a month with no problem, all of a sudden i have started getting bad muscle spasms that last hours. I can't take it any more, i just take my Prozac and that alone is not helping. Is this a common side affect? will it go away? why did it start after i had been taking the medicine for over a month with no problem?
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Yes muscle tremors are a side effect yes and a common one but not painful ones - have you spoken to your doctor?  There are things that can be done and perhaps a dosage adjustment might prevent or minimise, I get them myself along with cogwheel rigidity and tremors but I have no pain from mine.

If you google Seroquel XR side effects you can find the information leaflet on the drug
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Yes antipsychotics can commonly cause temporary movement disorders such as akathesia (motor restlessness) and dystonia (stiffness). All of this can be treated with a side effect pill. Speak to your psychiatrist about this.
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Perhaps increasing your calcium and potassium intake might help?! I use to experience really intense calf cramps that would wake me up at night... they were absolutely excruciating! I now eat a banana, pretty much daily as well as taking calcium and potassium tablets and have found it really helpful. I also take a high dose of vitamin D which might have contributed to my relief too.
Anyway, just a thought!
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