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sudden onset of severe Mental Illness

Six months ago, my 16 y/o daughter was an average teenager.  High honor roll, cheerleader, beautiful, popular.... nothing seemed out of the ordinary.  She had no previous health issues and certainly never had any mental health intervention.  One night, with no major event or reason leading up to it, I found her in her room after an attempted suicide.  She was hospitalized for over a month, returned home, only to be rehospitalized days later due to overwhelming feeling of anxiety and depression.  She also thought she might hurt herself again.  She was rehospitalized, diagnosed with Bipolar, and once again released.  Again, within days she was cutting herself and the depression was so intense she was not functioning at all.  She has also developed an intense paranoia or delusion that people are talking about her.  All people all the time, even strangers.  This scenario (being immediatly rehospitalized) has repeated itself 7 times in six months. In the meantime, we have had 2 more suicide attempts, while at home. She has only managed to be at home a total of 15 days.  Any attempt to return to her high school only lasted an hour at most before she began feeling anxious and what she describes as overwhelming depression.  She seems unable to function in society anymore.  Her prescribing psychiatrist stands by his bipolar diagnosis and she is currently taking lithium, lamictal and abilify.  The hospital she is currently in is saying Severe Depression and Social Anxiety Disorder.  I am not concerned with who is right or wrong, I would only like to know if someday my daughter will  be able to be home and attend school like an average teen again? And also, how did it suddenly appear with such intensity?  Even if she was masking symptoms and/or we missed red flags, she was at least living her day to day life.  And now she reamains on a 24/7 suicide watch every day, unable to get through even one day.
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I think there is always a precipitating event.  It could even be as basic as a reaction to an upcoming life transition.
I think being hospitalized can leave a person feeling vulnerable.  Patients are often at greater risk after discharge.

With any of those diagnoses you mention, with adequate treatment and management she should be able to function again.

It could be that stress has compounded over a period of time or that something triggered the event.  For me I became severely depressed after a near drowning.  Earlier that week my mother had been discharged from hospital after spending 6 weeks in hospital with a broken back and severe head injuries.
After I was hospitalized my whole world just fell apart and I became extremely dysfunctional.  The trauma of being in hospital has taken a long time to get over.

I think people sometimes mask their true feelings from others, especially the darker ones, because either people don't listen or they feel ashamed of them, etc.

Being in a safe environment and being able to discuss how she feels may help.

I think one of the most important things is to get an accurate diagnosis.

I am sorry for all you are all  going through.
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