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suicide watch

what do I do???
just got my son to sleep with 3x the seroquel he was prescr'd and 2 zoplincone....all I had here, he came home from work just aft lunch and was in a severe state of anxiety.....paced the floor for 6 hrs....saying what a loser he was and paranoid talking and saying he just couldn't stand feeling like this anymore hes had enough of living like this!!!
I talked and talked and even we smoked together and he's a non smoker.....my husband attempted suicide 20 yrs ago and has been left brain damaged...my son is 38 abt the same age as my husband when he crashed. my son has all the same paranoid behavior now and feels his life is worthless......he has a psych apt at 715 am.....but he'll just up his meds again and send him home to me....what can I do as a mother??? I just don't know what to do anymore???
can someone help???
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Don't raise his medication dosage without asking his psychiatrist first. If its of concern page them and if they are not available call 911 at that point if its an emergency. If you speak to his psychiatrist they could adjust or change his medication and the worst that would happen is he would need to go to the hospital. They need to find what medication is right for him and the correct dosage and you can discuss available options with them and what might work.
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thx for quick response...do u ever sleep??
we r in a vry sml city 1 psych....and he will not take aft hrs calls, my son has had to be brought to a hospital many times in the last 10 yrs...u wait for hours for a consult if lucky enough to be in a city...but here aft 4 hrs of waiting u get told to see a psych...duh!!
He is absolutely refusing for me to go along with him in the morning to apt....but somehow I will have to chg his mind....I'v got to make absolutely sure he is honest and tells him straight just how bad off he really is.....he has a stressful job that he has just been going thr the motions of for the past few weeks, now he feels he'll be let go and he's panic'd abt that as he was just getting slowly back on his feet aft years of addiction and job losses and banruptcy...he has come such a long long way...cleaned self up and got a good job and now he is crashing again........
He refused to let me take him to the hosptal and was so agitated I had to do something...3x the seroquel is still at a reasonable level.....believe me I've been there done that with meds ...........I think I've earned a degree somewhere along the way...as no doubt u can relate too.
I'm afraid to go to bed, its almost midnight here but what if I fall asleep and he should wake up??? I'm really aftraid for him, I'm just aftraid he won't get the proper help and the time to let it work for him, he only has 6 days off now....and CANNOT miss even a day, he works as a contract employee with NO replacement period! If he cannot go to work and be reliable he's DONE...no ifs buts or maybe's, being a private contractor he has no sick time just regular days off and nothing additional.....
he's miled out his truck and still owes $20,000 its starting to break down and has little $$ to fix....he's in a box no matter which direction u look....so tell me please what do I say thats positive to him right now? how do I help him get through all this and 'carry on' in 6 more days???
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Please call 911! Your son needs evaluated at a psych hospital or regular one with psych on staff.  He is in serious danger and you overmedicating him is not good.
I liked seroquel, BUT one of the side effects I had was a huge panic attack.  I have NEVER had that kind before.  Luckily I was an office away from my pastor talk doc.  My psych took me off immediately.
Please, get him help, don't wait. You can ask for a well check in most of the cities in U.S.
Cops will come out and evaluate and then hopefully take your son to a psych ward or hospital.
Take courage, Mom, he needs it and you.
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thx for the help, we slept a bit last night have a very early fit in with his psych this a.m....as I mentioned b4 we r in canada in a small city, there is NO psych hospital for hundreds of miles....I will mention to him abt seroquel and panic attacts..that is so good to know.
wish us Gods blessing, I sure need it and so does he!!
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God bless you, opus88, your son and  rest of your family.  As we know it appears to get darkest before the light.  I pray you have a very productive meeting with the psych this morning.
Yes, tell him about the side effects of panic...serious panic attacks.
My psych doesn't take me off cold turkey, but did because of this side effect and I am not suicidal and have only had thoughts a few times on certain meds.
By taking me off cold turkey,  I was sick, sick, sick for four days and just my luck it was over Mother's day weekend.  
You are a good Mom.  This is not your fault.
Be firm with your pdoc and hopefully the doc will place him on a fortyeight hour watch.
Sincerely yours,
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Oh thk you so much for all your nice words...reaching across the miles to a complete stranger takes a special type of person...so many can't be bothered when there is a crisis in a family, thats why I guess I have to keep this so annonomus (ex the sp..)...my son is a business man and there is such a stigma with mental illness still! Not to mention suicide..than they really run....found that out with my husbands attempt, we lost many we thought were friends...and just when u need them the most!
We had a good apt. this morning...he allowed me to come into the room with him after alot of thought...his psych is a very good man and knows his meds and my son like a book, he was also my husbands dr....this psych is very worried abt Tyler...he gave him drugs that he said would be like a hammer and knock him OUT...well they DIDN'T took 2 more calls into this doc. today and more meds added, finally 8 hours later he crashed.....he said if Tyler should become in a worsening suicidal mode to get him to the next city to a psych hospital and if he refuses to call the cops to come and take him....God help me it should ever come to that!!!!
so I am his suicide watch for the next while, I will sleep when I can....yes we are all mothers and would do the same!
The meds should continue to zonk him out for the weekend, I have hid his keys and the meds....than next week he has follow ups with the psych on Mon, Tues and Wed....he fit him in, like I say good man and he cares which means soooo much rt now.
Than come Thrus. Tyler HAS to return to work or he will loose the job and in his state of mind would be the last straw.
thx for u all for caring and reaching out I can't tell u how much it means...him and I are pretty much alone now.
good night
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It is concern, care for those that have walked so deeply in the trenches that I write, hopefully with love and hope.  Do you have a safe?  Do you have daily individual carriers for the meds?  So he can't overdose.  All scissors, needles, sewing kits, bats, knives, aspirin and other over the counter pills and things able to use for suicide are removed?
Yes, the stigma is great.  Just to help the women in my church, I must expose myself to the ridicule of depression and many including all pastors know I am bp2.
It hurts.  I have new but mainly long term intimate friendships that started before the bp was diagnosed.  Right now I am manic and have not been since forever.  I know it is my change in diet and meds.
Does your son eat or drink any caffiene?  Sugar?  These will interfere with sleep.
His meds may not be the right ones.  Dr.'s aren't God. Be diligent, look them up for the small print...the cause of a few serious side effects for a "few" people.  I am one of the few.  My meds if working only work for about a year, then the cycle of finding ones that work.  I take resperidone, a pill that keeps the shaking and nausea down, lithium and  others for and from the effects of the drugs over the years.
If you son has changed his diet....when I change, like now, I sleep less, eat less, manic more or depression more.  I changed from sugar and junk to healthy and plenty of water and no tea or pop.  I wake now at 5am and go to bed at midnight.  Usually wake at 9am and bed midnight, when medicated properly.
Listen, opus/mom of Tyler, if it comes to a well check...calling the 911 police and they take him to the hospital. He will hate you temporarily, yell, scream and cry, but which is worse that or burying your son before you go home to the Lord?
He will then thank you.
I went once, because of inproper supervision and enduring a year from hell in pain and a bladder infection for that year as well.  My wonderful, known forever, gp, took me off of everything...for just a week.  Know what it is like to be nonmedicated after five years of heavy medication and pain pills?????? I fought my husband, a seriously wonderful friend came and helped and they got me to the right hospital as I tried to get out of the car and called them all sort of names.
It was the best thing for me, opus.  I still love my husband and don't blame but thank him.  My friend is still by my side.  I am blessed and you are to........the only time you can't do something is when the one you love has ended it prematurely.
God bless you and your valliant effort for the love of your son,
zzzmykids.....if you go to my page in here and hit message, it is completely private
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goodmorning zzz...we got thr another night, he was very anxious all day yesteday...at 6pm took his 10mg zyprexa and 200mg valporic acid(will be raised to 300 tonight) 4hrs later still wasn't settled, so as instructed gave him 100mg seroquel and a zoplicone, still anxious and awake at midnight another zoplicone than he FINALLY went to sleep abt 130a.m...he is still asleep now at 830 a.m....seems all those meds take a very long time to knock him out...Thrusday he is back to work, he works 8 on 6 off...he moved here nearly 3 yrs ago for a fresh start aft the drug rehab..so he began a whole new career..clean but not quite sober...he got a loan 7 yrs aft declaring bankruptcy..so with this crash he feels he is risking both hs community and professional reputation if he looses another job and can't make his payments or child support....so he feels he HAS to be healthy enough to start his shifts again thursday or he will loose all he has worked so hard to rebuild,..and those thoughts are whats giving him the anxiety attacks.
they go around and round in his mind NON STOP, he brings up all his passed mistakes and failures and they torture him...
No he doesn't use caffiene or sugar...and yes I have his meds and anything dangerous hidden safely. I would do ANYTHING for tyler and I will NEVER give up!...but he will be on his own by thrusday!
how true how much work it is to keep your PUBLIC MASK on and remember what u told what too....minds are so overloaded with guilt and fear of 'the public' really knowing who ur inside..the mind is a powerful thing isn't it, it has to power to do marvelous things when u can train it in a positive direction, but it also has the power to destroy us all....

Can u or someone tell me what is a good website to learn all there is abt these psych meds,,,,
ur so right that we r the consumers and utimately the ones responsible for our own illnessness, we all have to be dilligent in learning all we can of the meds we r putting in our bodies....the doctors sure r not GODS as most believe themselves to be..
have a GOOD day, Pat/opus/tyler's mom
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Dear Opus,
I am sorry, I thought I responded to the medicine thing.  Right now I can't get to it...typing fast so hubby can use laptop.
I am glad you and Tyler had a good morning and hopefully evening.
use.....dogpile.com......as your search engine.  I never get bogus  sites or bad info on that engine.  Use, psychotropic medications and their side effects....or try side effects of bipolar medications, manic depressive illness prescription drugs...you get the idea.
Oh, when wanting to write privately use message.....up on the top it has note  message. use message it is private.
Pray for me, I am extremely manic.
Haven't been in five years.
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