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is there no bad interaction between risperidone, cymbalta and lamicital
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if they were prescribed to you and your doctor knew you took all 3, then probably not. but if it is recreational use, i would ask a doctor. you should never take unprescribed meds without talking to a doctor.
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probably not.

the only med i know it interacts with others is tegretol an AC. HOWEVER, by interaction - as i understood it - is that by taking more than one drug, you may find that one reduces the effect of the others so that the dose of each is diminished say due to taking another one. This is not crucial except by reducing or increasing the dose after a while. But i see that you are new to the 3 of them. this is behind the reason why they recommend for new combos not to take all the meds in one shot but to set intervals of time between them so that each be effective on its own.

your pdoc however chose one from every set, i.e. one AC, one AP and one AD. there is no one particular combo for a BP but a trial and error kind of choice.

in many diseases a drug choice is difficult to make especially for BP because you have tons of varieties to choose from as well as the doses, then comes after sometime where the combo ceases to function. Hope not in your case. This is also the reason why they say if any combo works then STICK to it and don't fiddle with.

I do respect though the pdoc who recommends the least no of drugs (my pdoc doesn't) because it tells you that he knows how to aim right.

I would stick to this combo especially if it works either in interactions or not. So long that it works forget about the names.

good luck
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Most likely not, they generally have to prescribe what people describe as "a cocktail of drugs" to treat bipolar disorder.
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