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tremors caused by meds?

Im on celexa 20 mg for about 21 days, I also take trazodone 50mg And gabapentin 200mg 3x daily for the last week. Just started naltrexone 50mg as of today. My long time meds are for blood pressure... Amlodipine 5mg and lisinopril/HCTZ 20/25mg. Oh and lamotrigine 50 mg for the last two weeks. I quit heavy drinking a about 8 days ago reneeding hospitalization fot 4 days due to extreme withdrawal.  Anyway as of today I'm noticing definite noticeable hand tremors. I'm wondering if it's from my combination of meds?
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Lamotrigine is very well known to cause hand tremors as a common side effect. That being said it could also be caused by your  body readjusting it's GABA levels following withdrawal from drinking. If the tremors persist or you're concerned your GP or pdoc if you have one might be able to prescribe something to ease the tremors. Hope you feel better soon.
Gabapentin also can cause Tremores. You can either read the insert that your med bottle comes with, ask your pharmacist  or look each med up online for their side effects. If the tremors get too bad their are meds to take to help them should you choose to stay on that med.
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