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what are symptoms of Bi Polar

Can anyone tell me what the symptoms are as I have been told that they can be similar to ADD, is this true?
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In children they can.  Most children with bipolar are diagnosed ADD/ADHD and when they do not respond to meds they are put on bipolar meds and do much better, hence their true diagnosis.  In adult bipolars we get highs (mania) and lows (depression).  Highs are excessive speed talking, racing thoughts (worse at night when trying to sleep), hypersexuality, excessive spending sprees, anxiety, irritability, not able to sleep, hyper, overproductive w/o staying on task.  Lows are depressive feelings, feeling worthless, suicidal, no zest for life, over sleeping like 10 hrs +, lack of energy, crying alot and very sad, unmotivated, does not enjoy life.   There are some more for each end, but that is basically the major symptoms.  Hope this helps!!
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Thanks Cryslas, the symptoms also sound like some of the ones for adult ADD what is hypersexuality?

in women can these symptoms get worse when you are all hormonal and due for a period, especially the depressive feelings?
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the symptoms that i experienced since a teen and getting worse as i got older. included severe depression. anxienty manic episodes lasting from hours to sometimes to days weeks even followed by a down spiral crash . low energy and sleepiness at times. mood clashes one min happy next a pile of tears. frustration . unable to cope at times. feeling tired drained . with me violent agressive outburst short temper at times. thats the way it is for me. yes they are similar to pms even.  but i think of it as pms that hardly if ever goes away. lol.

best wishes
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Thanks for that, I am wondering if ADD and Bipolar can often be mistaken for each other, I have all the symptoms of ADD but I have noticed that when i am due for a period I get very emotional and depresed and cry for no reason and feel so down, I had one of those days yesterday, I went for a walk to clear my head and I felt so emotionally drained and tired then I went on a cleaning spree and felt happy. I have been treated for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and was on anti depresants for years, I get alot of the symptoms that Crysalis described but I dont oversleep and the mood swings are not that extreme just unpredicatable I get very easily irrated (again all ADD as well) my husband tells me I have PMS for 3 weeks out of the month, before during and after, ah if men only had to experience the joy of periods!
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Yes, a lot of times people are either misdiagnosed with ADD when in fact they are bipolar and vice versa. There are also many people who in fact have both disorders. The best thing for you to do is seek the help of a professional to sort through your symptoms and figure things out. Only a psychologist or psychiatrist can make a diagnosis. Have you looked into PMDD? It is a severe form of PMS with emotional disturbances.

Here is a link for info on PMDD:http://www.****.****.org/

Good Luck :)
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I was originally diagnosed with ADHD....and for many years was on medications for it. It helped with some of the bipolar symptoms I was having, but not all.

Then I went to a new doctor. He said without blinking that I had bipolar type II. I have another family member that has it as well.

My symptoms: anxiety, hyperactivity, depression, mania, suicidal ideation, impulsiveness, extreme aggitation, poor concentration (I have to work hard at it), sometimes being paranoid, and insomnia.

I HAVE to be on medications. I can't function without them. Since being medicated, I have been able to hold down a job and have some pretty big repsonsibilities. I have less thoughts of suicide...and no acting out on that at all. A lot less anxiety. I sleep better.

I still have some problems, but for the most part, they are doable. I have a better quality of life now.
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Hypersexuality is being addicted to sex for the time you are manic.   Period time can throw you, especially if you are on birth control hormones.  My doc pulled me off of them to help me balance.  I think it is working, I feel great!
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Thanks all for the advice, I have never heard of PMDD and will look into it.
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