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Is there any other meds that have the same ability to control the reasons that zyprexa is prescribed for as it is very expensive and I am afraid it could cause a patient to discontinue taking it.
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Actually Zyprexa is now available as a generic. If a person has an issue with the cost of the medication it would make sense for them to ask their psychiatrist for the generic form as its basically the same medication but not being the brand form would be far less expensive (the generic would be called olanzapine). If a person is having difficulty affording any medications in general they should explore health care coverage options such as Medicaid (or the Medicaid Buy in for Working People with Disabilities if applicable and in their state) and if they are not eligible for necessary coverage to have their psychiatrist apply for the Patient Assistance Program where the company could cover it (that was helpful for me with Seroquel when I was in between coverage options) but regardless the best way to cut costs if there is a concern is for a person to ask their psychiatrist if the generic version would be an appropriate option.
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Thank you very much I will pass this information on it was very helpful.I would think that since there is a generic the cost for the name brand would go down but then again I think there is gouging they prey on the helpless <;
Haldol and generic for of risperedal .also if you go to Sam's club it's much less expensive across the board
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I would first check at Walmart pharmacy and get a sheet of all the 4 dollars medication,
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