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Questioning how right I am

Long stories serve no purpose here. Profiling my husband or I ...no purpose. We had a personality clash.

His instability under stress of late has caused him to be sharp with me. My problem is, I cannot handle it.

To me it is irrational, out of text, and I do not deserve it.  It could be as simple as my reacting to his comment on dinner. I ask if the chop is cooked enough and he snaps at me " what's the matter with you?".   Huh?

Ok stuff like that happens, I guess but my mood then plummets. When I cannot wrap my mind around something and it hurts, I go downhill to a deep dark place.
I withdrew, telling him I need to distance myself. This was the third time he was like that this week.
I have Lymes which messes with our brains plus an innate instability..at times.  

Do you deal with, when people close to you are nasty, your stability plummets?
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