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A feathered cap

My newest lovebird, Chico, seems to enjoy getting up on top of my head lately.  At first, I assumed he was preening my hairs, but realized last week that he had worried a small sore into my scalp.  I doctored it with bacitracin ointment and kept chasing him off when he tried to get up there again.

Yesterday evening, I realized I had forgotten to chase him off again, and lo and behold, he had once again broken the healed scalp area.

Has anyone else had this experience, and if so, how were you able to curb it?  I'd hate to relegate him to his cage all the time, as he has several play areas around my living room and computer area. And to tell the truth, I really enjoy his presence on my shoulders or chest.
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Hi there,

Would you believe I had a lovebird growing up. His name was Tweety.
He was an African love bird. They are so smart. Tweety used to like
to fly onto my head too and did what I call dancing on my head.
Anyway, back to your problem. I don't know if you've tried wearing a
baseball cap on your head. It might prevent your bird from flying up
onto your head. What Tweety used to do was fly onto my arm.
Then he would work his way up to my shoulder and sit there for awhile.
One day Tweety was sitting on my shoulder and I sort of forgot he was
there. Anyway, suddenly he moved over to my ear and he bit into my
ear and wouldn't let go at first. Just a heads up that this is a possibility
with parrots. Enjoy Chico. He sounds like a good bird.
Wearing a cap would give your scalp a chance to heal.
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being on your head is dominant the bird is trying to clean your scalp probably started with something there like a piece of dander he tried to clean it now he will try to clean the scab off you have to let it heal and keep him from getting on your head as he will bully you that is a dominant area try to keep him on your shoulder and below
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Okay so 4 about 2 years I have dangeruff  in my hair alot and changed so many shampoos nothi nv changed. Also used a lot of head and sholder and other product 4 danger uff nothing is working I also have dry scaps and when try to remove it , it start bleeding . And it get dry and I hate it then I try to remove it and start 2 bleed  I don't know what to do .
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