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Alexandrain Parrot out all the time

Hi, my name is Gretchen, I have 2yr old male Alexandrian. I give him free range all the time. I never close his cage. Do birds need to be closed in and covered at night? I find if I try and cover him, he will pace back and forth on the bottom of his cage and look out at me. I feel so bad for him, that I end up uncovering cage and opening the doors. Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.
PS I do have a picture of him posted on my profile.
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I think if he's safe from any harm during the night outside his cage, he should be fine. If he's not at risk for injury, poisoning, drowning, or anything like that, then he should be okay with free range at night, especially because parrots are diurnal and not nocturnal. So at night, he should be sleeping with his head under his wing rather than exploring and getting into things.
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