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Crow can't use its legs

Hi, yesterday afternoon I noticed a crow in my garden, I assume its a baby although its fairly large. It was on the ground, trying to flap its wings but it couldn't seem to get onto its legs. it kept flapping around the garden, not getting off the ground while the other crows up on the trees kept cawing at it. We left it there keeping a watch on it once in a while, but it seems to have stayed in the garden all night.

We tried holding it and if we release it it tries to fly but lands up on the ground and can't get off it again. It moves on the ground by pushing with its wings, not using its legs, but dragging them along. Is there anything we can do about it? Can this be normal for baby crows?
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I'm so sorry to hear this. I see this happen now and then at the center where I work. People bring in an otherwise healthy young crow. But the bird has developmental problems with the legs. Sometimes they're bowed in or splayed out. And sometimes the bird has fledged from the nest (usually crows nest very high in the trees) and the legs break when they land.

The bird will not survive without some help. And if the legs are deformed, it will never be able to survive on its own. Please check in your area for a wildlife rehab center. Or check with your local fish and wildlife office. They have a list of licensed rehabbers in the area.

Your name is unique so I'm not sure where you live. If you're in another country, I don't know how they handle wildlife problems. I hope you can find someone soon. The parent crows will help for awhile but they also know when to give up and will leave the young one alone to die.
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Thanks a lot for the response :)

I live in India, I'm not sure how easily it'll be to find a rehab center for birds, but I'll try and find someone.
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Hi rahul just wondering if you found any help saving the crow?? Let me know if you did because i am going through the same problem

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