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My Indian Ringneck got hurt,how can I help?

Hello, I have a 9 months old Indian ringneck and yesterday she got her foot stuck when my sister was closing the closet doors,but  she pulled them back right away.The foot looks normal and there wasn't any blood but she keeps kind of limping and holding her foot up, I mean she is still using it but when I hold her I can feel that she isn't using her full strength in that foot.I would've taken her to a vet but there aren't any vets who know much about parrots in my area.If you could help me I would really appreciate it, I'm really worried. Thank you in advance.
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Hi Emma,
             Try and find an avian vet ( a vet who specializes in birds ). You mentioned that your parrot is limping and holding her foot up. Even though there was no blood, the fact that your parrot is kind and limping and not using her full strength would indicate to me that her foot did get hurt. If at all possible,  try and find an avian vet or a vet who knows about birds.  You may have to do some phoning around.  We have a cockatiel which is in the parrot family.  If that happened to him,  I would phone first and explain what happened, how your parrot is behaving .  I wish you much luck with this but it sounds like your parrot's foot did get hurt. Otherwise she wouldn't be limping and holding up her foot.   I hope my advise has been helpful.  Eve
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