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Syngomosis- info about

My cousin rooster got this.I wanna know more about, as if its recurrent or what can be causing that,she put the remedy and the stuff was over but now it seemns to be back again.
Birds vets are hard to find here...
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Can't find the term "syngomosis." Perhaps you mean syngamus trachea, also known as gapeworm? In free range chickens they can pick it up from eating the bugs outdoors. It's not as common in caged chickens.
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Thanks for the info I guess we are talking abouut the same thing,
His roaster is not exactly "caged" since he lives just like her dogs,it has his"house" in the backyard but it only sleeps there,during the day its free to wander inside and outside the house.Its the only animal his kind there,no chickens or so.
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