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introduction of new bird!

Tonight I bought a companion for my six month old Parakeet Juicy, the new one is female, shes a little bit smaller than Juicy. I have the new one in her own cage for now but when I let Juicy out of her cage they went right for each other. When can I let them move in together and how do I go about it???? They are sooo adorable!!  Thanks for any help/advice!!   aheart:)
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I can't really help you with that. I work with wild birds and we don't usually put them together with the exception of songbirds that go into a large flight cage before release. I just wanted to say your new bird is very pretty. At work I hear my Tundra Swan misses me. Not really but they're having trouble handling him. I'll see him on Friday.
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Thanks for your comment Irene, what interesting work you have, I'd love to work with animals in some capacity, Although sometimes the kids on my school bus act like animals! LOL  Merry Christmas  aheart:)
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