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protecting baby birds from out door cats

A few months ago we found a nest in our hanging baskets on our portch. We'll we came home one day after they kids got home from school and the nest was on the ground and the eggs lay broken on the ground. We were very upset for a while, then another bird family built another nest. I think it's a different bird because this nest is buried in the dirt of the hanging plant. It's almost like a hood over the nest. Anyway my reason for writing in is I walked out to day and there was a cat ready to pounce up in the hanging basket. I guess thats what happened to the other eggs. Can someone tell me how to protect the birds from this cat. By the way the momma bird is still around. I hope someone can help I don't think my kids could stand seeing more dead birds, I know I couldn't.
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Cats do an amazing amount of damage to the bird population. And it's not as if they need the food; it's just the instinct to catch things. Do you know who owns this cat? Is there a way to ask them to keep the cat indoors (for the sake of the cat as much as the wildlife)? I know - I hear it every day - "I can't keep my cat inside. Fluffy will get upset." That's a bunch of bird doo. Fluffy will be safer from cars and disease and can be happily entertained inside by playing with her human family.

Sorry, I get so upset about this. Then again, I'm one of the people that has to deal with the death and injuries of cat caught birds, squirrels and bunnies.

If talking to the cat owner is not a possibility, then try hanging the flower pots elsewhere, away from railings and bushes so the cats can't reach them. Finches love to nest in hanging plants and will gladly nestle down deep under the leaves and flowers. It's a great chance to see baby birds grow up and fledge. But do hang the pots under the eaves well away from perching spots for the cats.
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