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A friend and I feed a flock of city pigeons every day (Rock Doves), at about the same time,along with a flock of sparrows. There are nineteen pigeons in the group and nine sparrows.

The sparrows delight in swiping bits of bread from the rock doves a second before they reach it!

Nevertheless, the rock doves don't attack them, but seem to take it good naturedly.

The sparrows and the pigeons have become quite friendly, and we have given names to the pigeons, all of whom have different personalities. They will eat out of one's hand and will hop on a table and try to get into the bag where we bring a muffin or bread. They love bits of hot dog.

The most dominent pigeon is "Big Debbie", who fluffs up, chases the other birds away, seems to want all the attention and all the food.

One of the more interestihg observations is the fact one sparrow (an adult) had an injured leg and the other sparrows pick up bread bits, carry it over to this adult and feed it.

I am surpised at the comments we get. People really seem to hate these birds.
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I love pigeons Caregiver...I have some come by my garden but mostly I have quails, doves, sparrows and many I do not know the name of ...
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I have just introduced the birds to cooked potatos, which they did not recognize as food.

I had to cut the potato open and hand feed them bits.

Once they made the discovery they look forward to their daily treat!
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The pigeon flock has become more friendly and now I only feed them if they come to my hand or hop on my arm.

If we show up with no food, or finish fieeding them, they come over and peck at my hand and fingernails to tell me to find more food.

The sparrows, which normally are skittish, often sit on my foot.
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