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Welcome to Birdwatchers Dream

You may post any photos of birds you have taken here, as well as talk about your love of Birding. :) Anything related to Birds and Birdwatching may be posted and discussed in this group. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. :)

Thanks so much for joining! I hope you will enjoy your time here!!! :) :) :)
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I'm not a computer whiz so excuse my silly question. You say we may post any bird pictures here. Do you mean there's a way to post it in the comment box or just add them to our profile page? I have a few on my profile page but it would be fun to see them right on this forum.
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That's alright, I don't find anything wrong with your question. :) You may post them by clicking "Add a Photo" when you create a new question, or you could copy and paste the link as a comment. To do so, you would go to your photo album and click on whichever photo you would like to post here, and copy the link and paste it in your comment such as this:


I hope it helps. Good Luck! :)

I'll create a new post for bird pictures, and then everyone may add them there, or create their own post. :)
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I don't see a spot that says "add a photo" but I can sure do the link from my photo album. That I understand. :-)

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