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2 Heavy Periods in one month, on birth control

I recently had peritonitis and as a result an appendectomy. I have been on Birth Control (ortho tricyclene lo) for 3 years. I did have my period on time the day after my surgery. However the following weekend on my first week of a new pack, i missed 2 pills and had intercourse. However it was not unprotected and there were no close calls. I ended up getting my period again the day i caught up on my pills, and it was slightly heavier than a normal period and lasted 8 days instead of my normal 4. I continued my pack as usual and got my period normally heavy and it lasted 4 days as usual. Lately I have been having some weird pain in my abs. It has been about 5 weeks now since my surgery, and could maybe be still healing. Could I be pregnant if I got my period twice in a month, heavy and basically on time?
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Hi there,
The exact cause of your symptoms can be determined after a complete physical examination and work up. Pain after appendectomy can be due to scaring, adhesions etc.It is important to ensure there are no other underlying problems or infections etc .If the abdominal pain is severe the possibility of stump appendicitis should be kept in mind. Consult your attending surgeon you may need ultrasound abdomen. Pregnancy is possible though unlikely since you have missed two pills and had unprotected sex.You may take up blood/urine pregnancy test. Visit a gynecologist for more queries and concerns. I hope it helps.
Best wishes and regards!
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Thanks so much for your response, see I wasn't entirely too worried about being pregnant. Because I was being safe and i DID get my period on time regardless of getting a heavy flow the week and a half before when i got my period as a result of missing 2 pills. Also, i did get a perfectly normal period when i finished my pack as usual and no other bleeding. I am due for another period in about a week and a half. Do you think that because i missed 2 pills after being super accurate with taking mine, that my body as just very confused and thought it was time to get it? Also, I have been working out a little more as i heal from surgery and my pain seems to be stemming from the type of workouts I've been doing.
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