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8 days late putting in NuvaRing, realize poss. of preg. Some Q's.

I played around with my WomanLog app so I am not sure if these dates are accurate.

On Oct. 17 I took my NuvaRing out and then I had my period Oct. 22-26 and was supposed to put the ring back in on the Oct. 24. I did not put it in until Nov. 1st, 8 days late. My husband and I had sex without condoms or any other contraceptive on Oct. 28th and Nov. 4th. My WomanLog app has my ovulation forecast on the 6th.

My Qs:
I know there is a possibility of being pregnant but I'm asking if it is a high chance?
I am gonna take a HPT but what day should I take it?
If I keep my NuvaRing in and I end up pregnant, will this month with it in hurt the baby?
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There is a reasonable chance that you are pregnant.  The first few days of the cycle determine whether or not you are going to ovulate, so the first week of the cycle is the most important time to use your contraceptive.
Because your period was October 22, I would expect ovulation about 14 days later or November 3rd ish.  A the earliest that a pregnancy test would be positive would be about 10 days later or November 14th.  Many tests would not be positive for another 4-5 days, so if negative, I would repeat.
Your Nuva ring will not hurt the baby if you are pregnant, but of course it should be removed in the event of a positive test.
Good luck!
Dr B
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Thank you for your answer! It was very helpful.
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Is gooey looking white discharge a symptom that I would have ovulated, then?

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