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BCP/pregnancy question

I have taken BCP for 11 years now and have decided to stop this month to try and get pregnant. I got my period April 16th and started taking the pill April 21st. In the meantime I decided to stop and haven't taken them since April 24th. I had unprotected sex during this period. What I want to know is if there is a chance of getting pregnant and if so will I have bleeding on the "so-called placebo days" even if I am pregnant. How long should I wait to actually have a home pregnancy test? or a blood test to that matter?

Thank you in advance
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Hi angie, I am not clear on what BCP is but I guess you mean birth control pills right?  well Both times I got pregnant I had JUST got off the pill and I got preggo both times without having a period. I think it could possibly happen that you had some bleeding and were preg but not likely. (however you might get preg right after this bleeding or the following month) alll i know is I think its when you are most fertile when you just got off pill. I got preg in a snap both times and now I have two adorable boys! (I dont think i will try for a girl)  I heard from one gynecologist that this was the old fashion hormone therapy for getting preg is to get on pill for a while (months) and then get off and it helps to get preggy. maybe you can buy preggo tests at costco so you can save money and take more often? they do say that alot of them dont even pick up on the pregnancy hormone until two weeks after (but there is the early preg. test which is supposed to be more sensitive)  But if i were you I would be patient and maybe take one in about a month and have sex often... good luck!! Being a mom is the most rewarding and challenging thing!!! love it.
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you are more likely to get pregnant right after getting off the pills but the doctors reccommend waiting 3-6 months due to some side effects of the pills to you and the baby... it depends on the pills you were on also... as far as having bleeding, no, you shouldnt bleed if you get pregnant this month... though some people bleed lightly through their whole pregnancy... if you do this, you need more than regular doctors visits...
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