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Back Pain after Plan B

On 7/27 my bf and I had sex. I was about to end my period, not quite there yet. Used a condom, pulled out before ejaculation, and I took plan b the next morning just in case. Now I am experiencing headaches and back aches 24/7 and always feel sick to my stomach with worry. I have had spotting as well as little bleeding with sexual contact since this time and am worried about pregnancy. I am still waiting on my period which should arrive in 5-6 days. Do you think I could be pregnant? Or do you think this could all fall down to anxiety and symptoms of plan b? Also have been concerned about some infections such as bacterial vaginitis. Help?
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So, why would you take plan B when A. you used a condom that didn't break. B. he never ejaculated into a condom.  And C. you were finishing your period so it was very early in your cycle?  I ask because Plan b is for emergencies and taking it too often will mess your hormonal balance up.  That was over kill and unnecessary.  If a condo breaks, yes, take it within 72 hours. But that should be a very rare thing.  You now will likely be late, irregular, having spotting on and off for the next 2 to 3 months which is normal after plan b.  Plan B is a big dose of hormones which is how it works.  But then those hormones are in your system.  So, no.  You are not pregnant.  Bacterial vaginosis is unrelated to all of this and the symptoms of that include very foul smelling discharge that is thin, grey and watery.  good luck
Thank you for your response. I think in the moment I was very panicky. I still am not having my period but this kinda put things into perspective and made me realize how silly I was acting.
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