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Better, best, & worse birth control

So I've been taking birth control pills for almost a year now and I've been having mood swings and my sex drive is gone and sweat flashs. Headaches just about daily! What's the best birth control out there that won't have my body all out of wack & I know everybody is different. I'm actually thinking of doing the pull out method or just condoms. I'm 30 & still might want a baby in a year or two. Got to get my weight on track to be healthy for me and baby tho so want to do that meanwhile but these pills have me off the wall I'm taking "ortho tri-cyclen" previously had the marina about 5 years ago and didn't have no issues with that just headache occasionally which I can deal with. But no mood swings no weight gain and my sex drive was the same (high) but that's more long term I think and like I said I might want to have a baby in a year or so. All these birth control seem to have a long term effect on your body tho to conceive in the future...
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I've had the Mirena IUD for about 6 years (had to get it replaced a few times cause it fell out) and I have no complaints. It hurt like hell to get it put in but now that I've had it for a while, I'm not interested in going back on any of the pills.

On a side not, the pull out method is not effective at all. You'll end up pregnant, guaranteed, if that's all you do. Condoms are a much better option if you don't want to use any of the hormonal methods of birth control available.
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