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Birth Control Patch

My cousin had a heart attack last year, July 3 2008, right before she turned 21. The hospital could not figure out what caused it. It made her heart very weak. They kept her in the hospital for about 2 months trying to get her heart strong enough. She was out of the hospital for about 5 weeks before she had to go back. They decided that she was going to need a heart transplant. She was lucky and recieved one around thanksgiving of last year. She just found out, about a month ago, what caused her heart attack. It was the birth control patch she was using. I heard it from my mother who lives closer and she didn't get the name of it. Just that it is supposed to be discontinued now.

It had sent too much estrogen into her heart which gave her a heart attack.

I just wanted to let anyone know who may be using a patch. I mean, it's not something she is ever going to fully recover from. She has to monitor her heart daily.
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