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I started taking Ortho Tri Lo on Dec 30, the next day I threw up my second active pill. I took the rest of my pills on time. I switched to Necon 1/35 after only one cycle of Ortho Tri Lo. I did not take my Ortho Tri Lo inactive pills, instead I started my Necon 1/35 immediately. I have been taking the Necon 1/35 for about 11 days now. My breasts are very tender and I experienced some light brown spotting a few days ago. Should I be concerned about pregnancy? I have had unprotected sex, however I did wait until I took seven active pills after throwing up my second active pill.
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I think you should be fine the symptoms you are having are pretty common when you switch bc methods. If taken correctly bc is pretty effective but it's not 100% so the risk of pregnancy is always there but less likely. Best wishes BB
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I'm pretty sure that an over-the-counter pregnancy test can give you an answer by the time you notice things like breast tenderness.  It might be worth the peace of mind.  It sounds like you should talk to your gynecologist about a different kind of birth control, though, because it sounds like you're having a bad reaction.  :(  If you tend to respond poorly to oral contraceptives, maybe you could look into Mirena IUD or Nuvaring.  
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