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Birth Control Pills - Skin Allergy

I just started taking birth control pill December of 2012. While taking the pill, I have had itchy skin.. It would only stop when I take anti-hitamine.. I have swithced to a different pill on January but the itch won't stop. It's still there and it's really annoying.

I have stopped taking pills. However, I would like to know if there's another pill that might not give me that itch effect. Or if there is another birth control method available for me aside from condoms or calendar method? I'm planning to have depo as birth control but I'm afraid it would have the same effect with the pill since it's still hormonal.

Would appreciate if you can help.
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If you were my patient, and were considering  using depo, I would consider a trial of a progesterone-only birth control pill first to see if the itching would occur.  Before injecting something that is going to last for 3 months, I would want to have an idea of whether or not it was going to cause the same side effect as the other pills.  The depo might be a solution because it doesn't contain the estrogen component that the pills do.
Another option might be an IUD--there are both hormonal and non-hormonal IUDs.  These are becoming quite popular as a birth control method.
Hope this helps!
Dr B
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