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Birth Control question?

I just switched my BC pill this morning. I looked at the package insert for both my old pill and new pill, and they both said that when switching pills, to take the 21 active pills, and the 7 inactive placebos and then to resume the new pack on your normal date and time which is exactly what I did.

Since it does NOT say backup is required when switching if you follow that method, does that mean I am still fully protected and do not require backup?

I've been on BC for almost a year by the way.
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I switched from Microgestin to the NuvaRing and back, and I asked my doctor about switching.  So long as you finish the pack, have your break, and start when you're supposed to you should likely be covered.  I would ask your doctor or pharmacist to be safe, but typically, the brochures attached to pill packs are pretty specific.
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