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Birth Control safe to take while Breastfeeding?

hello im wondering the best kind of birth control to get on while im breastfeeding. i am on the mini pill but have been getting extremely sick on it. i hate the thought of an IUD but thinking about it :( that or im looking into getting my tubes tied or blocked.... any ideas 23 and wanting 1000% NO more babies! i have 2 beautiful boys ( 2 and 7 weeks) and 7 babies with wings. so an tips would be great. if i can't find anything that works i and my husband will be getting fixed. Thanks in Advanced.
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You probably used some form of birth control before having your baby. But contraception can be a whole different ball game for new moms who are breastfeeding. Here are your major birth control options -- and what they mean for you and your breastfeeding baby.

There are no limitations to a breastfeeding mom who decides to go with a nonhormonal method of contraception, such as a barrier method, family planning, or surgical sterilization. These nonhormonal methods are optimal for breastfeeding women -- they don't affect breastfeeding or pose even a theoretical risk to the infant. Barrier methods of birth control include:

    Male and female condoms
    Copper intrauterine contraceptive devices
    Cervical cap
    Vaginal sponge
    Spermicidal cream, jelly, or foam
If you're looking for a more permanent type of birth control, sterilization (vasectomy for a man, tubal ligation for a woman) may be the right option for you. Similar to barrier methods, these surgical options pose no risk to breastfeeding.
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i never used birth control other than depo before i got pregnant with my first. it took 3 years to get him and over a year to get my youngest and i lost 6 babies before he stuck. and i can't use condoms as it says in the question, can't use spermatid. refuse IUD due to the risks. and we are looking into both getting cut but money and insurance
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Don't believe all the negative stuff you read about mirena because online is far more biased with regard to complaints. Not many people go online to say they're happy with it because why would they? People only go online to complain so statistically speaking, you're not getting a true picture of how many people are fine with little to no problems.

I've had mirena since 2011 and don't have any issues. Except my cramps hurt more when I have my period. But for a woman like you who has gone through labor pains cramps shouldn't be a problem. I've never had a baby but I've had kidney stones and an adult tonsillectomy, both of which were excruciating but I got through it and I'm also not afraid of menstrual cramps. Besides the mirena can be removed if it's not working for you, whereas something like depo has to work its way out of your system gradually and if you're really suffering from bad side effects you can't speed up that process to get it out of your system any faster.

I think too many people dismiss mirena without having tried it. I'm mad at myself for not getting it sooner cause its the only thing that has helped me with heavy bleeding. It sure beats the more drastic alternatives like ablation or hysterectomy.
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i looked up on their website and the video even said while breastfeeding i would have a higher likely hood of it going thru my uterus. ( breastfeeding causes contractions) and i have had bad luck with everything else im just scared id have bad luck there also. and i had a LEEP procedure done almost a full year ago for cervical cancer so im also worried my cervix may not like it :( we are taking our chances right now till we can for sure find something that works. breastfeeding can be used for birth control for 6 months so i have about 4 months left. but im hoping to find a dr who may cut my husband and then later ill get cut to. after school tho i think but im not 100% sure. cuz he keeps bringing up wanting a girl so idk what he's thinking.
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