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Breakthrough Bleeding on Birth Control

Started on birth control pills 5 months ago simply to try and regulate my periods and lessen the severity of bleeding.  First I was on Levlen which worked fine for about 3 months, even managed to skip a period successfully.  Then started to get breakthrough bleeding half way through cycle which was continuous for 3 weeks but some days worse than others.  Went back to GP who changed me to Brevicon which is a stronger pill.  Have now been on this for nearly a week and still breakthrough bleeding continues.  Should I continue to take the pill as I am very tempted to stop altogether as having irregular periods was better than continuous bleeding for nearly 4 weeks!  Any advice would be appreciated.
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Hi there,
Levlen is often prescribed for irregular menstrual cycles. It is common to have irregular vaginal bleeding or breakthrough bleeding while on Levlen between your periods. Irregular vaginal bleeding may stop after your body has adjusted to LEVLEN which may be after about 3 cycles.Brevicon can also cause breakthrough bleeding. Illness, medication, nutritional deficiencies, hormonal changes, stress or rapid variations in weight, disorders affecting the thyroid gland all can lead to irregular menstrual cycles. Take a balanced diet and a healthy meal. Talk to your gynecologist before stopping the pills. I hope it helps.
Best of luck and kind regards!
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Thank you for your reply. In essence, how long should I give it on Brevicon,as I have now had breakthrough bleeding for about 5 weeks, with no signs of it getting any better.  I have been on Brevicon for only one week, should I wait until the end of this pack at least before seeing my doctor again?  I am very tempted just to stop taking birth control totally as I am tired of this problem.  thanks,.
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