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Can I be pregnant?

I have been taking Femcon birth control pills for a couple months for my ovarian cysts. I stopped taking it after 3 months and then I started taking it again. I was on my first month, 2nd week when I had sex with my boyfriend and he ejaculated inside of me, but I was supposed to take my pill at 4:00 and I forgot it. I took it 6 or 7 hours late and my friend told me that counts as a missed pill. I haven't gotten my period yet and it is worrying me. They were irregular but the pills make them regular. What do you think my chances of pregnancy are?
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it can be nothing maybe your period is late...there is a high risk that if you dont take the pill at around the same time or you miss to take alot of pills yes there is a risk that you get pregnant 6 and 7 hours late its a little too much that you should taken it about 4.00 .... well my suggestion is that you make a pregnance test that you buy from the pharmacy and you see from there if this dont convence you make a blood test at your family doctor

from stephanie
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you have 24 hours to take your missed dose. It is not considered missed unless its been 24 hours . Though it is optimal to take the pill at the exact same time. I think you are fine. That is simply my opinion though. You have not been taking the pill long though and I do believe most doctors recommend you use a backup method for at least 2 weeks of the birth control...

get a pregnancy test just to be safe.
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