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Can birth control amplify anxiety?

So to begin with I'm 18 and I have very irregular periods, just putting that out there. I am over weight but all tests done come back saying everythings in working order. No pos, my thyroids good, the whole 9 yards. I know this doesn't mean I should stay overweight I am trying to eat better and I'm gonna start small exercises to lessen the anxiety. Alright so around thanksgiving, about a week before I started my period I began having severe anxiety and panic attacks like back to back. I felt awful like the world was about to end. I'm such a baby with feeling sick and stuff I just wanted to lay down and cry. I don't wanna die but i was definitely thinking that if I had to feel this way my whole life I definitely don't wanna be here. But while on my period things were for the most part okay, small jolts of anxiety here and there but definitely nothing like the week prior. I was so grateful but honestly feeling a bit embarrased cause i acted like a complete child in front of my family. Hell, I even slept next to my mother for a week cause it was almost calming. It helped me get about 2 hours of sleep at night when the anxiety was so bad. Sorry, anyways I went to my doctor yesterday (dec 6th) for a physical and she recommended larin fe 1.5/30 to try and regulate my period. I took 2 around 9pm as she said to try and get back the days I missed for not starting on sunday, if that makes sense. I also got a shot for meningitis and I'm not very fond of shots so that did give me a little anxiety but not enough to make me unable to sleep. it's now 3am and I haven't been able to sleep since 12 cause I'm just feeling pretty anxious. Not as bad as before but it's still very unpleasant. I'm just wondering if the Larin fe 1.5/30 could be causing my anxiety to act up? Any help is greatly appreciated.
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