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Can my baby survive

Okay bare with me this may get a little long and complicated but I want accurate answers so the specifics are needed I'm 31 years old in 2010 I had to have my iud removed after having it for six years it was growing in to my(tilted) uterine wall my doctor told me because of that and and having to get part of my cervix cut out due to pre cancer cells (cervical dysplasia) there was no way I'd b able to conceive a few month later I was pregnant I was told I won't b able to carry to term (my placenta was not giving baby enough nutrients) but at 36 weeks (in Oct 2011) I gave birth to a beautiful healthy 5lb baby girl in April 2011 I got my tubes cut burnt and clamped then in July 2011 I was pregnant with a tubal pregnancy I had to terminate this put me over the edge I didn't think I would come back from losing my baby for the past almost 5 years everything has been normal periods like clockwork until this month Nov 28th was my last period I took a hpt today and sure enough I'm pregnant it's not like last time tho feels normal I feel good no bleeding or pain my question is what are the chances the doctors will try to make me terminate this one I'm scared to go to the doctors I'm not sure I can take losing another child. What should I do I dint wanna tell anyone yet so I'm alone and scared out of my mind I may not have wanted anymore kids but it's already part of me its already my baby and I'm already in love please thoughts prayers and advice is much needed thank you
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I think you'll need to go to the doctor because of your history of a tubal pregnancy in the past. That's very serious and as sad as it is that you had to terminate, the alternative is your death. You would be dead if they didn't terminate. Who would take care of your 5 year old if you're dead?

Given that history, you really need to go to the doctor and make sure everything is ok. They don't make those kinds of decisions lightly, they would only propose that as a last resort. You can't not go to get checked out and realistically expect a healthy pregnancy. That's why I suggest you go, and soon, to make sure the baby is in the right place and not in the tube again.
I made an apt for monday for a ultrasound i think im just more afraid of bad news its just like is this happening again you know but for my family's sake and the baby's i am going to go
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