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Condom slips while withdraw

Hello there, I have a little concern just thinked about, a couple of days ago I was with a partner(CSW) that I see often, we started to have sex, but at the moment I withdraw from her, the condom slipped and stayed inside her vagina, then I retired the condom but It drops a bit of sperm in the labia. She just check it a bit with his hands and washed.
So my concern is, how much probability of pregnancy is real.She has told me before that uses a IUD, although I don’t know the type.
Besides she didn’t make so much fuss about it.

I really don’t intend to have a baby now since I have many projects running and it would not be a good moment, I want one, but later once that I reach a more stable level at job.

Thanks a lot.

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According to medical professionals, IUD's have one of the highest %'s of preventing pregnancy than many other forms of contraception. The copper IUD tends to have an even better % however the Mirena works quite well too. It is hard to determine the answer to your question. If the sperm was pushed from her labia and further into her vagina, which could easily happen from intercourse, cleansing, fingering etc.) then the % would be higher. However, if she has had the IUD in for under 5 years for the Mirena or under 10 years for the copper IUD then it should do its job in being 99% effective. Hope this helps!
OK, Thanks,  very useful. My partner hasn’t told me anything, and I  haven’t the time to meet again,  So I’m assuming that the IUD worked.
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