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Depo-Provera...... Horrible Side Effects??!!

I am 19 years old, and just recently become sexually active with my boyfriend, we used protects and have both been tested, so all is good there. Okay... a week ago I got my depo Provera shot... and since then I have been hungry all of the time and have had cravings for anything sweet, saly, greasy, you name it, I've craved it... I also have been feelings nausiated at times... I am having terrible aches in my legs and arms... the worst of all, sex has become so painful during and after that I actually cried (Only had sex once since the shot, because I can't even think about sex anymore).... It's been only a week and I already feel terrible... I know the Depo Provera can take the next three months plus at least 6 months afterwards to leave my system (I don't plan on getting the second shot).... Is there anything I can do while I wait to off set these sypmtoms, and the painful intercourse??? I am worried my negative side effects will follow. What are my options?
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Hey, I was JUST doing research on the depo shot. It says that you can detox your body to help speed along the process of getting the rest of the med. out of your body by drinking alot of water, eating alot of veggies & fruits. well here is the site. go check it out.


this is where i found some info out. hope it helps you :)
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yeah I've planned on trying to make sure I drink lots of water, and eat healthy, and stuff. But I do that anywas... I'm depressed at this point... and I haven't been able to stop crying for hours now...
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My boyfriend is trying to be supportive and understanding but it's hard for him to completely understand what my body is going through, and why i am so upset.
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Has anyone out there gotten pregnant immediately after stop using triphasil. I stop using it 2 years ago.
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I went on depo provera after I had my daughter.  It was awful, I kept feeling like I was pregnant all the time!  It made me so nervous that I actually was.  I got incredibly moody, gained weight, craved things, all of it!  I stopped after the first shot, because it was so bad.  So I know how you are feeling.  Just in case after a while you may want to take a pregnancy test, because I have actually heard of people getting pregnant on it still.  Even though it's not that likely.  
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Yeah I've heard of people getting pregnant, but almost every case has had a miscarriage. I'm not worried about getting pregnant, we still used a condom.... thing is I have to actually want to have sex before I can get pregnant... and right now sex is out of the question. I've seen online that I'm not alone in this but I dont understand what causes depo provera to make sex painful? Does anyone know?
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Hmm... well recently I've also realized that I am a bit swollen inside... is that normal for being on BC?? What about irritability?
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What are you on the shot to begin with for?  was it a one time injection good for 3 months or was it a monthly injection? I was on lupron which is similar yet different and when i tried to have sex i was so dry, and i mean dry it was ripping me inside and out and I ended up with yeast infection after yeast infection it really was so painful. I had the opposite i think because i had the add back meds i didnt want to eat at all, but now that i am back on the pill i want to eat anything and everything that is bad for me :(  its hormones that do that.  Irritablity can be from that as well. It all boils down to what its doing to your hormones.  i had to come off lupron because the side effects were just way to much for me.  
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Yeah it was the one time injection for 3 months... though I don't plan on getting the next roun.... but yeah I called my doctor and he denied it being the Depo Provera, said it is probably just a yeast infection and to take some monistat....  though when I get the depo shot I also had a pap which came back with no signs of a yeast infection only three days before i started having this problem... though I didn't think about the fact that I couldn have gotten one afterwards, because of the dryness and what not.

What ever is going on it just has to go away. After you got off lupron did it go away for you?
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I used depo for about a year... hated it.  Made me have crazy mood swings.  I can't remember the eating, but I remember the feelings and I do believe I lost my sex drive on it as well.  I would not recommend it to anyone personally.  I'm not keen on my pills, but I've found that the one I use now doesn't make me eat, bloat or have mood swings.  Sprintec... 28 day cycle.  Everyone is different.  I know I had to try like at least 5 different types of BC before I found one that didn't mess with my moods, regulated my period and didn't make me gain weight.  
Good luck!
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Yeah.... I know it'll take a bit to find a BC thats right for me... but in the mean time I'm stuck with these symptoms... I just wish I knew how long they were going to last, even after I get off the depo provera...
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I feel like mine went away within the year after my last shot... possibly about 6 months.  It was a while ago though, so I could be mistaken.  Keep positive!
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